Monday, October 19, 2009

This is What 20 Looks Like

As part of training for my next marathon in December, I have become set on doing two 20(+)-milers. So although I wasn't planning on it (sorta) and didn't really carbo-load much beforehand, I started on my three-hour, 21 minutes-ish run after work.

Yes, ridiculous I know, but when I am set on something, I just go.

Above: Quick pit-stop beforehand. (Pics taken from phone that I carry around while running, which is a good idea for the fearful like me.)

Above: This is where I hid my water bottle (that's my ride), but ultimately someone has stolen my water the last three times I've run at this park! =(

Above: Mile 7... gel-lin' like a felon!

Above: With 6.88 miles to go... I've run quite a few half-marathons slower than this!

Above: Mile 15... still alive, but the sun is setting! Soon, it got dark. As I rounded out mile 18 (3 hours), I realized they closed the exit to the park, so I got in my car, crampy and all, and eventually found my way out and drove to the my gym. Luckily, there was one hour left before closing, so I did my two remaining miles (so slowly!) and chatted with the gym staff while I "shook it off." I kept wondering... does the 18-2 split count as a full 20-miler?

So that's my story. Next 20 (or more) will be in a month. Glad to have done this, just as a confidence-booster. I wonder how many 20-milers I've done since I started running. Umm, my guess is five or six, counting this one. My best 20-miler time was 3:15 (the last time I did one, which was in February the morning before class), so this one was a bit on the slow side. Hrmmm....

The best part of this is that I get to rest. I will do some slow biking, foam/stick rolling, and strength training tomorrow. Quad-y (R) and Ham-y (also R) were already unhappy during mile 3 of this run, so I need to kiss up to them for hanging in there for me!

P.S. Whew... documenting runs isn't easy! Kudos to all the bloggers who do this on a regular basis. This was more of a trial/test for me...


  1. Great job nailing your twenty!

    I can't believe someone would swipe your water - sheesh!

  2. i think the 18+2 counts as a 20 miler...nice job...and what's up with people taking other people's water?