Friday, October 16, 2009

Moby's "Wait for Me" Concert

This entry is about as far from running as can be, but it is close to my heart because it has to do with my favorite musician, Moby!

On Wednesday, October 14, Moby performed at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. That evening, I ran 10k on the treadmill alongside "The Ukrainian," grabbed some vegetarian banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), and got there just in time to eat dinner in my car and get in line.

Since I got my tickets so early, our tickets were actually for the pit, so we were close to the action. How close, you ask?

Yep, we were pretty much two feet away from him at times (and my hair is like straw!), and he often edged the stage to reach out to his audience (not me, as my arms are not long enough). The rave-esque yells he did during "Feeling So Real" (always his last song at concerts) was awesome...! I've touched Moby a few times before, but having him perform in front of my face was an unparalleled experience. I had so much fun knowing that he could see me cheering for him and his wonderful singers, Kelli Scarr and a woman named LeAnne (she was BOMB!!!!).

All in all, I had fun the first time I saw him in concert, and this time was no disappointment. "The Ukrainian" had been dancing along and having a good time. He claimed to have recognized a third of the 20+ songs Moby did within the 2 hr, 20 min concert. He even recognized "Extreme Ways" from some movie... beats me. At any rate, hoping to make another fan, he he! No autographs that night... we bolted since it was approaching midnight. I will get him some other time!

...And then I went to work the next morning. Major ouch, but worth it!

Above: Playing "Shot in the Back of the Head."

Above: Singing my favorite song off of his new album (Wait for Me), "Mistake."

In other news, I bought nine Clif Shots today to fuel my marathon training, which will be vamping up further (I hope!) during this upcoming month. Then I can undo it all with a Thanksgiving pig-out... just kidding! But I am excited for Fall and the holidays. We got some rain here for a few days this week, only to be followed by 90+ degree weather now. Oh well, it won't be long now!

P.S. Happy third BLOG-I-VERSARY to A Case of the Runs!!!!


  1. Happy Blog-day! It seems like this blog has been around longer than that. Love it!