Friday, October 2, 2009


This bar appealed to me due to its interesting name. Unlike the "military" definition of the word, this bar claims that FUBAR = Fueled Up Beyond All Recognition.

Even if FUBAR (original meaning), this bar is vegan, so I went for it. I actually picked it up at one of those gas station stores on the way to work. Yes, I need the fuel at work, to be brief about it.

The bar is 190 calories and had some nice chocolate chips embedded in a Larabar-like texture. All in all, it was pretty darn good with those bits of "chocolate." The bar was a nice amount of sweet and enough for a good snack. I'm not sure if I was FUBAR (new meaning) or FUBAR (original meaning) after eating it, but it was still worth a try.

Yay for October! It's been cold (under 60 degrees) in the morning, even though it gets hot, hot in the afternoon. But the taste of Fall is making me very happy. October is going to be a busy/great month full of costume-making, dissertating, Moby, school parties, running, fishes, cooking, and of course, work and school, which is kicking into gear (while I try to put in a B-effort, lol... j/k?).

Well, off to LA County Fair after I take care of some other things that make today worthy of a day off. Yes, I'm planning on sharing some fried food, only because I know I can't be all that healthy (as my co-worker remarked when spotting me dipping fries in mayo... oops!). I ran 28.4 miles this week in the span of three days, which have reduced me a to pseudo-cold state... thus, I feel some time for playtime is warrented.

Meanwhile, TeaTime's (undisclosed age) birthday is Monday, so here's my public HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!!! Yay for the last 1/4 of the year!

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