Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Run @ Work Day

One of the trainers at my gym e-mailed me the magazine clipping above.

According to Competitor Magazine, this Friday, September 18, 2009 is "Run @ Work Day."

I usually run at work... inside its gym on a treadmill... between 3 and 5 PM. But I believe this article is trying to promote running during lunch outside. This is something that I used to do (see previous post where I mention this) but have long stopped.

At any rate, I sometimes do run on Fridays but very short and fast, followed by circuit training (the main focus of the day) and more running/biking. Though not knowing about this event, I was planning on doing my long run this Friday, anyway, since I have an obligation that will keep me from working that day. So maybe my rendition of the day will be called "Run from Work."


Speaking of Competitor, they are sponsoring the Las Vegas Marathon, which is less than 3 months away now. My classmate got me all excited about it (although she's not running this one) last night just because she's just such a passionate runner who doesn't care about getting a good time... just having a good time.

So thanks, K.C., for reminding me what running is and is not. Off the top of my head:

Running is...
  • fun

  • something you should be able to do without too many "aids" if you are a healthy individual -- and if you are often hurting, it's a sign to back off
  • a chance to go out and do something solo without looking too weird

  • an excuse to travel

  • a chance to bond with people through shared experiences and the limitations of the human body (I had a dream last night that I was chatting w/people at the start line of a marathon, though that same dream also involved me not passing one section of my comprehensive exams and then some gang-bangers messing with my car in the parking lot and getting tazed for it -- yikes!! that's what happens when you're in class late and can't sleep due to distractions in the room!)

  • a character-builder

  • a healthy challenge

  • something that teaches you discipline of all sorts

...And isn't...

  • all about speed

  • something that should fully substantiate your life (i.e., there should be [much] more to life than this!) -- and the corollary to this = just because you run doesn't mean you're better than anyone else!

  • an excuse to use steroids, or other performance-enhancing drugs that harm the body more than help

  • a fad

  • something that should be done to lose weight, as there are much more effective ways of doing that (nothing worse than those "runners" who are making the rest of us look bad/vain/obsessive/etc.)

  • that expensive, compared to some other sports

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