Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recoverite Review

Hello readers - since my sister is hard at work studying for her exams this week (Good Luck!), I thought that I would fill in and do some posts for her site. So here is my review of Recoverite from Hammer Nutrition. I have a couple more reviews that hopefully I can post this week.

Recoverite: reviewed by Tea Time

A long time ago, I had placed an order at the Hammer Nutrition website and got a bunch of samples of all their products. Hammer is pretty generous with their samples. Hammer makes alot of great products for endurance athletes. One of my favorite Hammer products is Endurolyte. I still use it to this day and don't know how I ever managed without it. It has saved me from lots and lots of cramping. Their products are pretty pure which means that it may not taste that great to some people but works well. So I was looking through my sample stash one night before one of my long runs and found a sample pack of citrus-flavored Recoverite. I thought I would try it out just to see what it did. So after my long run of 12 miles the next day, I opened this up and mixed it with cold water (you really should use cold water or cold sport drink as warm water is not the greatest thing to mix with this - it will work in a pinch I guess). I discovered that I am not a big fan of the citrus flavored. Regardless of the taste, this stuff works well. I ended up buying more of this stuff but in the strawberry flavor which tastes pretty good mixed with some Gatorade. The next day I was not as sore as I had thought I would be since I am slowly building up my milages again. I really like this stuff, especially since it doesn't contain a lot of sugar. I've been using Recoverite after all my long runs and still love it. I recently went out and purchased a container of Ultragen by First Endurance just to do a comparison as I had read that Ultragen works better among cyclist. Unfortunately, Ultragen does not come in individual serving packets for me to sample which is why I had to purchase the container size one. I will be doing a review for that once I try it. Ultragen contains more sugar but supposely works better for recovery so I am excited to try it. I will be taking it out for a test this coming weekend. I purchased the fruit punch flavor so hopefully I like it because there are alot of servings in that container. Sorry, I didn't list the ingredients of these products, you can click on the link that I provided if you are interested. I am just no good at listing ingredients. Have a safe and good run!

Note: I should mention that you should take this and any other recovery drink within a 30 min window immediately after your workout to maximize recovery.

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