Monday, September 21, 2009

Nike Free - Naked Running Camp

Ah, another Monday. I have never liked them and grow to dislike them even more since Monday is school day in addition to work. Worst of all, Mondays always make me miss the weekend and wonder when the weekend will roll around once more so that I can finally just do what I want to during the day instead of being at the confines of this desk in this very dull city in which I currently work. Add scorching hot and humid weather to the mix and you have one very depressing environment.

Let me forget about Mondays for a moment. This video is pretty darn funny. Nike Frees are shoes designed to make you feel as though you are running barefoot.

I don't want to run barefoot. I always see people doing just that in races, and it looks painful. In addition to rocks and glass, I just think that I need bounce/cushion.

Anyway, enjoy!



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