Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Flew?

Yesterday, I ran 8 miles on a stomach that felt like it was carrying an ocean inside of it (ugh). I'm not sure what happened, but some combination of peanuts and baby carrots could be the culprit. I haven't really shaken that feeling since, and although I have still been able to eat, I've had to be selective about it.

Since I didn't fuel up as properly as I should have post-run, my body feels a bit achy/beat-up today. I can't really tell at this point if I'm feeling ill or just tired from staying up too late to watch Heroes. I had a decaf latte and banana for lunch, though I honestly could have gone without anything if not for my gym time later and the long night ahead of me with a group project meeting. I still want to run my Fall Five Miler today and will give my utmost effort to get it, but it might have to wait.

So flu (not swine) shots are going to be offered at my company in about two weeks, and I am leaning toward not getting it this year. I've gotten a shot for the past 3 years in a row, pretty much after I started running. But I've never had a flu in my life (where's wood I can knock on?) and mostly just started getting it because I fear weakened immunity from running. Is this the right choice? Since I don't qualify for a swine flu vaccination, it seems like it would be very difficult to predict which other strains will be "popular" this fall/winter. Would I be better off getting the shot just for psychological reasons? I haven't had a real cold since the end of last year, so maybe if I continue eating healthfully......... do I even eat healthfully?? Hrm... still have two weeks to decide.

Yes, I know I have been posting a lot lately... at least compared to usual. It's a sign of something.

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  1. Ahhh - Heroes. I worked last night & diligently went through the unit to make sure NO ONE had NBC on. I can watch it tonight once the kidlets are in bed. OH JOY!!!