Thursday, September 17, 2009

GU Energy Sample

Hope this works for you! I've never tried any GU products before (I know, strange!), so I'm looking forward to giving them a test-run. I'm currently an Accel-Gel slave!

I was peppy this morning in spite of waking up at 4 am. I got more restful sleep than I have in a while. The lack of sleep and tired legs made for one cranky person. I heard somewhere that sharing a bed does not make for good sleep, but I beg to differ. Though it could all just be relative. And when will I stop waking up feeling like I've been hit by a bus?

So tomorrow, I am going to attempt a 12-miler. If I finish this distance, which I should, no matter how slowly, I will have done 37 miles this week, which is high for me even whilst training for a marathon. I've been coming along pretty decently out of my two-month injury, though I honestly felt burned yesterday when "The Ukrainian" started his run after me and beat me sometime during mile 5 (of my 6.2 mi run and his 10 mi run). I'm still very much out of shape. Things are coming along better than if I had completely not run during these injurous months, but in many ways, my lungs and legs feel like they are starting over.

Before my next race (half-mar), I'd like to attempt a 16-miler. Post-race, I have a month to get to my 20-miler for the marathon I'm doing on December 6. So the rough plan: run half-marathon, do 15-miler, 18-miler, and 21-miler (the extra mile is for good luck and is optional), with one week cushion in case I miss one. I'm counting on myself not to get injured again. Like a cold, it seems like I've been slammed with one every year, so I am hoping I am immune for now.

I am potentially/most likely running 3 marathons within 6 months, with this being my first, so I'll figure out the logistics of training for the other ones later.




  1. I'm a big Gu fan - it's worked well for me.

    Can 3 marathons in 6 months qualify you as a maniac?

  2. I'm a Gu girl myself. But only chocolate outrage. It's seriously the only gel I will use, period. I'm weird that way.