Thursday, September 3, 2009


Gotein: reviewed by Tea Time

Today I am reviewing Gotein - which is a play on words for "protein on the go". So I came across this stuff because one of my running coaches works for Gotein. He gave some samples out and even made some for us after practice one day. I have to start by saying that I have a love/hate relationship with protein powder. I love how they are a convenient snack and great for recovery after working out but I hate the way that most of them taste. You know what I am talking about...that weird chalky after-taste. With most protein powder, I just use my blender and add fruit and such to cover up the chalky protein taste. This is not very convenient when I am not near my blender obviously. Now I am not paid to say this but Gotein is just great stuff. It seriously taste just like chocolate milk when I shake it up in my shaker cup with just water. It is yummy enough for me to have as a snack. I also love that it comes in it's own single served pack that you can empty into your water bottle or shaker cup...whatever you drink your water out of. It mixes really well. I think the other thing I hate about some protein powder is that no matter how much you shake it or stir it that it is still is nasty to drink powder clumps. So I love this stuff. Currently this comes in only 3 flavors: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I love the chocolate one if you can't already tell. I've seen Gotein being sold at various supplement and health stores but if you don't see it in your store, I have a discount code if you are interested in ordering this online.

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  1. Thanks for swinging by my blog, and I love the name of yours. Hee. I've heard about that Gotein, and it's good to know it's pretty good. I may have to hunt it down.