Wednesday, September 30, 2009

...To Those Who Wait

After nearly a month since I took my comprehensive exams, my very impatient self found the below PDF file in my Inbox.

Me = doctoral candidate. Whew! What a relief! Now if only I can muster up the mojo to start on my dissertation...

In other "good things happen..." news, I ran 16 miles yesterday after I got off of work. The temp was below 80, slightly breezy. Granted, it was still hard for me to start up in any weather warmer than 60 degrees, but it got easier as I went on, and I finished in 2:41 (counting walk breaks). My fuel was one Clif Shot and two cubes of Clif Shot Bloks (getting rid of the old stuff). I have to say that the caffiene in the gel really helped me along because I was sleep-deprived from having class til 10 PM the night before (and I wake up before 5 each morning). I got home and showered just in time for a conference call about a client facilitation I'm taking part in next week!

In celebration, I am home early due to skipping the gym. Okay, not really. I just have no intention of working out after a long run like that. I have not run that much since March (made a failed attempt in April). Given that I am rebounding from the fitness loss I suffered due to injury, I'm happy about it regardless of the pace.

As usual, thanks to everyone for your well-wishes, support, and special thanks to those who served as my punching bags as I spent the entire summer (and the past two years, really) worrying about this exam.

I have quite a few food/bar reviews in queue. Please be patient with me, as work, school, and training are still time-eaters that I just have to deal with...


  1. Congrats on passing!!

    And 16 miles at the end of the day is no joke - you're hardcore!

  2. Wow, great job! Now the fun really begins :)

  3. Congrats on passing! I hear those canidancy exams are nearly as tough as the dissertation. Nearly.

  4. Congratulations!!!! Now go have some dissertation fun ;)

    Awesome job on your 16 miles too. Def no need to hit the gym after that.