Sunday, September 13, 2009

All Weekends Should Be Like This

So this weekend was the first one in a while during which I got up early to go running. I did 10 very slow miles that required walk breaks to complete. Slow or not, it's been done and will hopefully instill that habit back into my sleepy self. This rounded out a week that also contained a 6- and 8-miler! The hip has not protested much, so I hope it keeps cooperating as I feel like I'm starting all over again in getting in half- and full- marathon shape!

In other weekend events, I went to LA Greek Fest on Saturday and had a good time with free Greek yogurt, Greek rice, and salad -- perfect post-run fuel (minus the sip of Greek beer I had while watching the UCLA game)! Since I didn't really get any good pics at the 'Fest (I didn't want to take pics of the beautiful Greek church, even though it seemed allowed), here's a kinda rare self-pic, resting on perfectly fake grass!

"Dinner" was a teaccuino from Real Food Daily in Santa Monica. It was overcast there... reminding me of how much I can't wait for Fall!! "The Ukrainian" and I paired this lovely coffee-like beverage with its steamed vanilla soymilk and blend of spices with a vegan chocolate buttercream cake.

It was quite good, especially since I haven't had any baked goods in quite a while. It tasted better when eaten as a complete cross-section rather than just tasting any of the layers on its own.

I'm so glad to have such an open-minded compainion who will eat vegan food with me and open my mind to things and not just blow through everything.

Today (Sunday) has been full of rest and nothingness (overzealous snacking, public television, Glee, Crime and Punishment, and quick outlining of dissertation research), but I don't have too many days like this, so I should just suck it up. =) Plus, I have school tomorrow, which means not only do I do the 4:30 am waking thing, but class ends at 10 pm. Combine that with work and gym time and you have one tired gal.

Finally... here's my celebrity sighting of the weekend:

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