Friday, August 7, 2009


Did anyone ever read those Louis Sachar books about Wayside School (if you haven't, they are lovely, fun kids' books!)? Well, this entry isn't about that. It's about something falling to the wayside... mainly running.

The gym at my work has been closing early for the majority of the week, and as a result, the extent of this week's exercise was two outdoor 6-mi run/walk excursions and one ab session (does scrubbing down my car count as exercise, too?). I'm going to San Diego today with "Ukrainian" in tow and will at least be hiking tomorrow with one of my high school gal pals. But the thought of running again seems daunting. I start running and then feel slight twinges in my hip, and I just have no motivation to plow through when I get even a little tired. I'm hoping this will improve when I just go back to the treadmill, but we'll see next week.

I am well into the 18-week training period for my next marathon. Starting Monday, I am going to TRYYYYYY to get onto a half-marathon training program (starting somewhere before the mid-point) for my half in October. I haven't been on a formal training program in forever and don't know how this is going to add to the stresses of life.

And yes, I am still stressed for some reason... I can't really seem to relax (work sucks, and I spend a lot of time there, obviously). I took a plunge recently and bought a basic flute, but now I'm thinking of re-selling it. Fortunately, I vaguely remember how to blow into the thing, but I can barely read music now and I've forgotten how to finger most of the notes. It will take time/practice to get back on that horse, which I don't know if I have (especially when it comes to patience). Plus, that thing is winding me, which running already does...

In these next few months, that man of mine and I will be separated frequently for his travels (one week per month). This is obviously a blow to me, since he is the only one who will accomodate my schedule that otherwise leaves me very lonely. So I'm going to have to man-up and spend that time being productive (studying, researching), but a part of me is bitter that I am doing boring stuff in his absense. I might guzzle money by getting a massage, makeup, clothes, or something -- spend some "me-time" that hopefully doesn't end in weight-gain.

One last random thing... the other day, I was leaving Wal-Mart with "The Ukrainian." We weren't shopping, but we were trying to milk some time together in someplace that wasn't 100-degrees. A pair of Asian parents were staring at me for the longest time, and when I passed them, it clicked that they were my friend (from high school)'s parents. Her mom hugged me Ash-Ketchum's-mom tight (if you've watched Pokemon, you'd know what I'm talking about) and said that I have become so beautiful without my glasses. Agh! Even her dad hugged me. Her mom was advertising me to "The Ukrainian" (good for my friend, so her parents could see she wasn't the only one dating a "white guy") "she velly smart girl!" Ahh, other people's parents. If only my parents thought of me this way, but maybe it's just a phenomenon that your own parents are just not supposed to be nice to their own kids... taking care of us IS their "nice." Yep, I love my parents a lot (dad's b-day on the 27th!), but it's nice to be lauded once in a while...

I'll be off of work in less than 2 hours. Yaaaayyyy weekend!

Here I am, alive and kicking at a barbecue I went to recently. Gotta love those veggies!

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  1. Have a good time in San Diego! Hope you get some relaxing time in.