Thursday, August 20, 2009

She went shopping again!

Guest Tea Time

Hello readers of my sister's blog. I noticed that my sister got some new kicks lately but I didn't realized that it was time for me to also get a new pair until my legs started to hurt after my runs lately. I only hope it is because I needed new shoes and not something more serious.

As much as I love shopping for running/workout wear, I simply hate shopping for running shoes. I wish running shoes would last forever. That's how much I hate shopping for them. But at last, I did go shopping. I was only suppose to pick up a new pair of running shoes as I think my current pair are spent. So I mosied into RoadRunners on my lunch break to pick up my old Adidas Supernova. I like it because it is hot pink. No that's not why. Maybe. Anyways, I found out that they were discontinuing that shoe. They still had one pair left in my size. I am a lucky person. However, the sales person pointed out that my current shoe model is being replaced by the Adidas Supernova Sequence 2. So I tried them both on. No it was not because it was new. Ok maybe. Well I hate to admit this but even though that last pair of the Adidas Supernova were on sale and I've been using it for the last 2 years, I actually liked the way the new Sequence felt on my feet. I don't mean to sound like a shoe snob or anything but that shoe made my feet feel like they were bundled up with warm soft blankies. I noticed that the Supernova I am use to felt rigid compared to the Sequence 2. Sales person pointed out that the Sequence 2 is more flexible in the sole. So I caved, shelled out more money and got the Sequence 2. I have no regrets. They fit great and my feet immediate felt more supported. I cannot wait to take them out for a spin. I somehow managed to spend more money and picked up some Body Glide and some Asics armwarmer in white. I will review those after I try them out soon...the armwarmers..not the Body Glide as I already reviewed that.

This time around, I am going to keep a more accurate count of miles logged by my new pair of running shoes so I know exactly when I need to get a new pair. How do people know when they need a new pair? Do they just "feel" it, do they have leg/feet pain or do they keep a log? I am so interested to know.


  1. I had been wanting to get a Supernova (once recommended to me), but when I went to get them, they weren't on the shelf. I saw that Sequence and was actually going to just get it online since the sales people wouldn't help me. It still looks a lot like the Supernova, though...

  2. just discovered your blog(s) via wandering, all that training makes us want to eat. :) just read a interesting article on running shoes in NYT recently about a small group of runners advocating barefoot or as little as possible "shoes" by vibram and others