Friday, August 14, 2009

Red Velvet and This Little Girl's Smile

Get the song reference?
This entry is completely non-running related. In fact, it is detrimental to the fact.

As of this past year, just about everywhere I go, if I see a red velvet cake/cupcake, I am apt to try it. This is strange for three reasons:
  1. cheesecake frosting causes me adverse digestion
  2. red food coloring (red #40) is supposedly linked to cancer, going against my heathy beliefs
  3. I normally don't go for chocolate cakes, which is what red velvet cakes essentially are
Places I've Tried (in no particular order - all in CA unless otherwise specified):

  • Wal-Mart - could stand to have more moisture, softer texture; frosting was not memorable [unpictured]
  • Ralph's - a little dry, frosting was average and a bit lacking, but good for that fix (much like Wal-Mart's) [unpictured]
  • Butter Tart (Glendale) - moist, frosting was addictive; rather tasty
  • Sprinkles (Beverly Hills) - very delicious! moist and good frosting
  • Tea Time's homemade - thought I should mention! [unpictured]
  • Starbucks - not much better than Ralph's
  • California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) - a good cake with white chocolate shavings on the side; moist
  • Wonderland Bakery (Newport Beach) - the frosting is phenomenal, but the cupcake itself was a bit dry, and not red enough; extra point for cuteness
  • Cinderella Cakes (Costa Mesa) - my sister's bridal shower cake (the sample was a lot more moist/appealing than the actual full-sized) [unpictured]
  • Van's Bakery (San Gabriel) - my sister's wedding cake! (it needed cream cheese vs. the butter cream frosting that it had, but good anyway at the end of the night) [unpictured]

Above: Wonderland Bakery

Above: Sprinkles

Above: CPK

Above: Starbucks

Above: Buttertart


  1. I like the new layout.

    All those lovely pics of yummy red velvet cakes - now HUNGRY!

  2. Wow, what are you doing to me with those cupcake shots?!?!? YUM!

    Thanks for the well wishes. :)

  3. LOVE red velvet! Too bad that Wonderland place is the not the total package since it is so close to my work! :(

  4. yummmm i want a cupcake now :)