Thursday, August 20, 2009

iPod Un-Touch-Able?

Seeing how I don't want to dish out money to get an iPhone (mostly just the phone plan that prerequisites it), my jealousy continues to grow as I think about my "Sister K's" iPod Touch. She showed me the Nike+ "app" on there, and I saw that you could log workouts on there. And now that I'm in the process of joining a consulting firm as a marketing intern, I need to use/learn stuff like Twitter (see my failing widget on the right sidebar).

Yep, excuses, excuses!

There is no official word from Apple when it comes to a third-generation iPod Touch being released soon (pictured is the second gen), but I am hoping it really does come out soon, because I think I am about to drop some money on it.

Would this iPod be ideal for someone like me who currently clips her iPod to her shorts? I've seen people using armbands, but never anyone beyond a recreational gym runner. Is it weighty? Will my endless sweat damage it? Better not get rid of the old 'Pod yet...

But all the fun I could have playing on my phone while waiting... for class, during work... oh, the possibilities! Maybe it would fare better than my old-school calendar/day planner, which I should be using to log workouts and such, but that isn't going so well.

Speaking of wish items, I can't wait until the weekend. Today is technically my last day at work this week, as tomorrow I will be taking care of things that need to be unpleasantly taken care of. The man will be back from vacation this weekend, so perhaps that will end (or possibly exacerbate... there's no telling with me) my endless crankiness. The first couple of days that he was gone were tough, but then I realized that life goes on as usual and that there is plenty of stuff to do in it! So I started seeking a surrogate... just kidding. Miss you!


Below: Look what appeared in my Inbox, one of the ones I've been getting to show (at least I think) that I have not been that much forgotten. Very sweet pic was attached (but not shown for privacy reasons).


  1. You are getting a new job where you must Twitter?!? Sounds interesting and new!

  2. Saw your comment about the cauliflower. Yes, they are just that good. That's why I always ask for them. I think they just naturally have that buttery taste. I don't think they were cooked with it though as my stomach would surely let me know. @_@

  3. I run with an iPhone in an arm band (thanks to family plan savings). It's not too heavy and the sweat hasn't hurt it so far - I expect it may one day.

    I always run with my phone for safety, and I don't know that I'd want to carry the weight of both a phone and the touch, since the little clip ipods are so light and easy. If you want to get one for work / waiting times, I'd make the decision based on that over running.

    Good luck!