Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goat Milk Yogurt

Last night, I was picking up some things at the health food store near me (Sprouts) and noticed some goat milk yogurt next to the Greek yogurt that I was actually there to get.

I have had goat cheese throughout my life on pizzas (not bad), in salad, and in cheesecake. Goat cheese has a strong musk(?)/flavor to it, and I have an unrefined pallate who barely is learning to appreciate wine and cannot stand olives or stinky cheese or other delicacies that people enjoy. But goat cheese is more friendly toward the lactose-intolerant, so in my effort to be open-minded, I decided to try it.

So bracing myself for "that taste" in the yogurt, I got a strawberry-flavored one. I definitely tasted the strawberry, and yes, that goat cheese taste was definitely in there, albeit weaker than in anything I've ever tried. I don't think I will purchase this again... until I grow up, perhaps.


  1. Hmm..good to know. I am sad as I thought you would have like this and I could have eaten yogurt again but at was not meant to be. I have an aversion to that gamey taste as well. :( Thanks for trying and reviewing.

  2. Never tried goat milk, so of course not goat milk yogurt. But something I'd like to try..maybe!