Sunday, August 30, 2009

C9 by Champion Tank & Adidas Clima365 Cap

On a whim, I bought a shelf-bra tank top (in navy blue) from Target ($14.99). I don't wear tanks very often (I believe I have BDD for my arms... only half-joking!), but in this heat, I am willing to go sleeveless so I won't die of suffocation in the gym. I liked it because it made me look athletic... it fits pretty well and has a nice racerback. It is not made of technical fabric, but it isn't too bad with trapping heat, anyway. To improve its look, I should probably wear this with a sports bra underneath, though.

Above: Taking too long to get ready for my run...

Additionally, my Nike visor has been starting to fall apart over the past few months, and because I want to protect my scalp from the sun in a way that visors cannot, I got this Adidas Clima365 cap from Big 5 ($17.99) in white. This cap claims to have an SPF 25 finishing, vents, and is really a light cap. Best of all, it fits on what I believe is my huge head.

Above: My hat's debut at the San Francisco Half-Marathon last month.

Okay, that's my brief "new gear" update. I will be on a slight blogging hiatus this week, as my comprehensive exam is this Thursday and Friday. Hopefully I pass so I don't have to retake sections next semester, but regardless, I'll be glad to be free of this beast for a while. I'm going to Hollywood Bowl next weekend to celebrate (though being uncultured as I am, this isn't exactly my idea of a celebration, but oh well).


  1. Good luck on your exams!

    How do you like your Phiten necklace?

  2. Yay for new gear, and good luck on exams!!

  3. Cute outfit! Good luck on your exams. Do I get to call you Dr. J afterwards? ^_^