Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pampered Toes

I can't believe I am posting about this, since anyone who knows me will understand that I tend to have an aversion to feet. I don't know if this is some sort of disorder, but much better, I think, than the opposite sentiment (i.e., fetish). What don't I like about feet? I don't know. As a kid, you're always told to keep them clean and that they smell. I looked at cracked, fungus-ridden, and chipped-pedicure feet and rather quickly associated feet with "gross."

Anyway, I can't bash these body parts, since obviously they are the key to running and are often taken for granted, shoved in uncomfortable shoes, and just overused(!). Unfortunately for me, genetics in my family have led me to form this pseudo-bunion on one of my feet. I say genetics because my mom tells me so, and although I like any shoe that makes me taller, I doubt it was the primary impetus for this painful affliction.

There is no cure for bunions. Even those who get surgery risk re-developing them, so while mine is manageable, I would like to keep it from getting any worse. This is where these Pampered Toes come in. These are basically huge toe separaters that are suppposedly meant to stretch your toes (like yoga) and relieve the day's discomforts. I had read reviews online, and the vast majority were positive. For those of you who read magazines, you will see that this is PedEgg's knockoff of the more expensive ($40+) Yoga Toes. I got this latest experiment for $9.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (I had a 20% off coupon and saved even more).

The product is made of a gel that you are supposed to warm up before use by washing them in soapy warm water. The recommended session is 10 minutes at first, so that you get used to the feeling and not get a charley horse or something (which I am prone to in my feet). I used them for 20 minutes. It was actually quite relaxing to have them on, and I started wondering if I could use these the next time I paint my often-bruised toenails. On that note, it's been MONTHS since I have been able to go without polish there, because of a big toe that's taking long to grow back out after a bruisin' (there were others which are just fine now). I can't wait until that day comes and hope that no others bruise while I'm waiting. (Hope my feet aren't hating me because of my foot-aversion. I'm sorry!)

I'll continue to use these a few times a week. It might encourage me to start doing other spa-like things to unwind if I would ever make the time for it.


  1. Hope they treat you well. I'm sure you'd be terrified of my feet, they aren't in good shape. Silly running.

  2. Sounds like just the thing for my poor feet after a 12-hour shift.