Thursday, July 16, 2009

Champion Running Skirt - Target

Guest Review by Tea Time:

A couple of weeks ago it started to get really hot here in Socal. I am one of those people who wear too much clothes to run. Not sure why. I always figure that I can always take it off but if I didn't have it with me, then if I get cold, I would be screwed. Anyways, as I mentioned it got really hot here lately so I had to start wearing shorts again. I hate my legs so I was not looking forward to this. I went to Target one day randomly to pick up other things, not intending on buying a running skirt but I did wander into the workout wear section and saw these Champion running skirts. I've read lots of blogs where girls would praise these things up and down but I never thought they were for me. I decided to try a pair on because I noticed that the skirt would cover my butt when I was running. I have a thing about people looking at my butt while running. Especially if I am running next to a heavy traffic road. Okay, maybe that is just me. Anyways, I ended up buying said skirt since on top of covering my butt, it was really comfortable (I mean ridiciously so) and it was really quite cute. If you have long legs, this skirt will make you look even cuter (see the ad), but I have short legs and I think it still is pretty cute. I took the skirt out for a test run with my running group. My coaches made fun of me for wearing a skirt to run. They are very serious runners, so I was embarassed but I can tell all the girls in the group were jealous of my running skirt...haha. This skirt comes in two design and can be found at Target. They have an all black one and one with skinny white piping down the sides. I think they also come in burgundy..sorry I cannot remember as I never buy any running wear bottoms in anything but black. I love these skirts, I have 2 already. :)

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