Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random Photo Entry 2

Another random photo entry of the past few weeks or so...

Above: A seemingly disgruntled me waiting by my vanpool. This is where I try to get "memi"s (sleep) time, but in a car full with indie-movie happenings, who could?

Above: I snuck in this photo of myself one afternoon at work. I start work at 6 AM, so by then I was pretty dead. See that Crush soda in the back? It's just for novelty (I don't drink soda).

Above: veggie dinner a-la "Ukrainian"; potato pancakes with soy cheese; asparagus; cut tomatoes; Tofurky Italian sausage (one of those sausages was real); yay for the race wine glass!!

Above: "Ghetto pizzas" made with soy cheese. The only bagel available was blueberry, so yeah, that made for some weird taste, but I appreciated this nostalgic dish!

Above: Last Saturday, I opened the car door and found this on the passenger seat. So random!

Above: At work, I received a cup with something that looked like a cookie. It was actually soil that expands with water. I added the accompanying blue forget-me-not seeds and keep it on top of someone's cubicle near the huge emergency exit window we have and water it daily at work. It's my new pet for now. I actually took this pic a while back, so it is actually taller by now. My cell phone camera rocks!


  1. Very cute - a little greenery helps in a cubicle like that, I'm trapped in one most days too!

  2. I am laughing on the inside and outside at your ghetto pizza. I mean pizza is already cheat but to make it even cheaper is just unheard of...hahaha.

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