Monday, May 11, 2009

EFX Performance Technology

***Guest Review by Tea Time:

It's been awhile since I've done a review of a product but I got something new recently that Nobel4lit thought would be interesting if I reviewed on her here goes.

I was walking around the OC Marathon expo recently with Nobel4lit and a couple of other people and came upon this booth that sold these bracelets and neckbands with an embedded technology that helped with balance, flexibility and strength. The sales staff performed a balance test on me and Nobel4lit with and without the bracelet and we were more balanced when we were wearing one. I am still not sure how it works or if the test was legit since it was performed by the sales person who was looking to sell this product to me. You can read all about this technology at their site:

So I did end up buying one of these. Not sure why, maybe just curious. I've been wearing it pretty religiously for about a little over a week now and the one thing I have noticed is that my lower back is alot less sore. Actually, it feels pretty normal which I haven't felt in a long while. I've been having some lower back discomfort for about 1.5 years now and have been going to the chiropactor every month to get adjustments but wearing this bracelet has somehow alleviated alot of pain from that area. Again, I don't really know how this product works but it does. I am going to continue to wear it to see what else it can do. I will update at a later time if anything new develops. Overall, I am glad I purchased this product because despite it's voodoo magic technology, it actually did something for me.


  1. Huh. Is this similar to the thing that Kara Goucher wears around her neck?

    Hmmmm... I'm a big time unbalanced klutz, so I'm all for more balance!

  2. No, I think Kara Goucher wore a Phiten 30X Titanium Necklace which promotes muscle relaxation.