Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dennis Green Sneaker Balls, Penguin Shoe Deodorizer, and Odor Eaters Spray

Yes, after that nice entry about my "graduation", I am going to post an entry about shoe odor. I thought of this recently, as I noticed that a bit more vigilence with these products can make a definite impact on the smelliness of shoes.

I know most people are not very willing to admit it if they have this problem. They just seem to stink in silence until someone calls them out on it. Some people come forward at the brink of discovery. I remember "The Ukrainian" once telling me not to help him pack his shoes away because I "might die."

I didn't really have that bad of an issue until I started working, and for some reason, work shoes are not friendly to the olfactory nerves (i.e., they create stinkiness). So I started getting various remedies such as the two sprays below -- Odor Eaters and Penguin brand shoe deodorizer.

Both of these sprays smell similar, but honestly, I think that Odor Eaters lasts longer than Penguin. I use both of these for both work shoes and sneakers, and generally, they seem to work better with the latter (I guess that's what they are made for). Both dry clear, which is good (especially for the work shoes). I recommend using them in a decently ventilated area if there are others around who might not like the smell of... not-so-great baby powder??

Also, for my recent birthday, I received a box of these Dennis Green sneaker balls. I think they were from Sports Chalet, but there are a lot of similar products out there which can be twisted to release a fresh scent (there are many choices, but I like the smell of clean laundry) and thrown into shoes. These work decently, but they are not as effective as sprays, in my opinion. Due to their size, though, they can get near the toe box where the sprays might miss.

After combined use, my running shoes are not reeking. The key is to let them air-dry after each workout (and not stuff them immediately into a gym bag). Also, it is important not to stick a smelly work-shoe foot into a running shoe, as guess what will happen (duh, me!)?

P.S. All of the items featured above go for <$5/ea. I got the Odor Eaters from Wal-Mart, and the other two from Sports Chalet.


  1. Cool review! Yeah it's a weird subject that a lot of people have but just ignore. I once read that you can also buy a stick of regular deodorant and put it on the sole of your feet. I've never tried this but wonder if it works. You are right about airing shoes out. I've discovered that if I don't keep wearing the same pair of work shoes over and over again that they don't develop an odor as quickly.

  2. Maybe I am just crazy but I really don't think my running shoes stink.

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