Friday, May 15, 2009

Coppertone Continuous Sunblock Spray

I did a review on another spray sunscreen not TOO long ago, but since that bottle ran out (so to speak), I have received these for Christmas/birthdays and have thus converted to the Coppertone brand. I just don't like having to mess up my hands with greasy sunscreen that leaves my skin white.

It always is shocking to feel cold spritz and a chemical mist on you, and the smell is sort of chemical-y. I think this smells slightly worse than other spray sunscreens but stays on better, in my opinion.

These clear-drying sprays come in SPF 30 and 50, in single or double packs. They go for about ~$8 each. One can lasts quite a while for me, since I am not as good about my suncare regimen as I should be...

I spray anytime I am running outdoors, even under my clothes for the most part and on the top of my head. For the past few months, I've even been getting into that daily sunscreen/moisturizing thing on my face (go me!). But I do spend time outdoors that is unaccounted for by my sunscreen use -- most of that is time I spend driving. I probably get a nice hour of exposure a few times a week bumpin' to my happy hardcore and Marc Anthony.

So this leads me to two simple steps I need to take as the summer approaches:

1) Get a cap to use instead of a visor for very long runs. This will protect my scalp (although I spray the top of my head when I remember). My head is large and cannot accomodate most hats; plus, I have an overheating problem that I hope to avoid with the advent of a hat. Once I find a suitable match, I will review it on this blog.

2) Get a body sunscreen lotion and use it each day, even under clothing. I think they make these in forms that don't smell like sunscreen (don't want me and my clothes to smell like that all the time).

** (NOTE: Skip the remainder if this entry if you are at all squeamish!!) **

About two years ago, I had a suspicious-looking spot on my left shoulder scalpeled out by a determatologist for a biopsy. It was a dark mole that I did not recall being so big when I was younger. Don't get me wrong -- I have tons of birthmarks/moles, but this one had uneven borders and asymmetrical, which I recall were two signs of cancerous markings. I had been out in the sun much in my early life, especially in high school when I did sports for two years without frequent sunscreen use and then again in college when I went out running/walking for hours without sunscreen. My GP (doctor) wanted a second opinion and referred me to a dermatologist, who recommended that I slice it off.

No, it didn't hurt (the healing hurt the most because it itched and scabbed). I basically got a numbing injection and next thing I knew, the skin with the mole was sitting on the doc's fingertip. Then he cauterized (i.e., burned shut) the wound. There was very little blood, if any. The biopsy came back negative. I have a permanent bump there to remind me how lucky I am to be healthy and capable of all that I do.

Sorry this product review turned into a long post. =)


  1. Great post! Sunscreen is such a must, and the spray is fantastic. I too have had a mole chopped off, it's so much better knowing that it's just gone!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks to teatime for stopping by and the words of encouragement for the race, it really means a lot