Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Joint Juice

I've been seeing lots of this product being handed out at the races I've run recently. A crew with huge crates/boxes of these blue bottles waits at the finish line, just waiting for those thirsty runners to undo the joint damage they just did.

In fact, I am drinking one right now.

Joint Juice is a fitness water that has a full day's supply of glucosamine (1500 mg, which is supposed to help joint lubrication). It also contains some vitamins like niacin. This stuff does not work immediately -- like any supplement, one would need to drink it daily for best results.

I've only tried the kiwi strawberry flavor. The taste is good, a bit sweet and fruity. The whole bottle is 10 calories thanks to the sucralose (the only artificial sugar that doesn't sicken me too much) it contains. The bottle advises to drink it cold, but it is just fine at room temperature.

I am down to just drinking water now, even on very long runs. I tried tea once, which wasn't bad. So I haven' t had any sports drink whatsoever in a very, very long time. Joint Juice is a good treat for me as a recreational drink, though.


  1. Good to know that they taste good but I have a couple in the fridge that I have not yet tried but was curious about. They ARE everywhere. They are like the new LARABAR.

  2. they had joint juice at a race i ran in was okay, but we kept kidding about the name, like are you supposed to drink it or smoke it?

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