Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have You Ever Bought a Race Photo?

...That is the Question

A question to anyone who might read this post:

Have you ever bought a race photo from those photographers that show up at races (e.g., Brightroom or MarathonFoto)??

I am considering ordering this time around. In my 11 half-marathons and 3 marathons, and three other races that had professional photography, I have not bought a single photo yet.

Besides the two proofs in my Pasadena Marathon post, I am considering getting one or two other photos I did not post. In one of them, I am holding hands with "The Ukrainian" while running, and in another, we are cheerfully peace-signing the camera. So that would be four photos, which at ~$15 each for unprotected printing is not cheap.

They also sell a digital CD for ~$50, which would contain all the pictures. I would have to print them if I wanted a physical copy, though. I've blown money away on worse things before, such as eye makeup and electronics that turned out not to work so well. And when will I get to run nearly a full marathon with someone again?


On another note, I have been packing up my stuff for transport to my new assignment at work. It is weird leaving a job exactly one month from when I left my second job. This one is tougher, since I've almost been there for three years (and I'm still 23). I realize how many people I have helped in my department, and people were actually wondering how my boss could let me go. I may be back in a few months, but it may not happen. Anyway, I ended up baking a cherry pie filling bread and some no-bake cookies, which got good reviews by my colleagues.

Also, I raised ~$100 for the Public Counsel. Yay! This is good, considering I didn't think I was going to get anything.


  1. I think if you like more than 2 photos then the CD would make sense. You can get them printed anywhere for fairly inexpensive (ie Walmart). I've never had more than 1 photo that looked decent. I am really lucky if 1 comes out good. I am jealous of people who look good running.

  2. I have never bought them ever, but sometimes I want to. I might buy my first full marathon photo but they are so darn expensive and the guys I work with have taught me how to steal them from the website. They are small but they still do the trick :) Bad ChicRunner BAD!!!!