Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds

I don't blog about food too often, perhaps because I'm trying to stay on topic. But come on... food is as much a part of running as an energy gel or pair of shorts. Also, I've been thinking about food more this week due to my impending race and more free time... at least at work.

I have had a thing for flavored almonds lately. I've actually tried a few varieties since then, which I will review in turn. Eventually, I hope to make some myself, but meanwhile, food companies can do it for now.

So this one, from Emerald, was on sale at Target. As a side note, I've had other 100-calorie pack things in my lifetime, and they often leave much to desire. These almonds looked appealing because they looked like they would cure my almond fix as well as my chocolate fix, and the portion-control is spectacular for someone like me who likes to eat out of bags.

The taste is heavenly (the chocolate taste is more than subtle) and the serving size is ample, both satisfying cravings/hunger. Best of all, no dairy is hidden in them, though it looks like there is a little bit of sucralose (Splenda). Fortunately, that's the only kind of fake sugar I can tolerate a bit.

I started off with Emerald because they have been a presence in events such as LA Marathon. They had some brownie-flavored walnut samples, but these are way better. Perhaps I am biased against walnuts.

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  1. I have gotten into some food posts, too. It's a huge part of running. And the flavored almonds...I LOVE them!!