Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bike Gear

(Continuation of "Bikes" post...)

The next step entailed getting a helmet. My head, being watermelon-sized, could not fit any of the ones at regular stores, so I ended up getting this one from Performance Bike Shop on sale, which was nice. This is a Bell Ukon FS in a men's universal size. I had wanted a cooler-colored helmet, but this was the only choice. I guess there's nothing wrong with black.

Then to remedy my aching behind, I got a gel seat cover similar to the one pictured here (from Target -- brand name = Backtrails). It works decently, though I think riding a bike is just something that will always be uncomfortable and butt-bruising. I will keep adding on the gear I'm getting for my bike here. Since this is a running blog, I will try to parse my bike and running gear.

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