Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Worst of Times...

I have been thinking about money lately and the ways in which my spending has shifted over the past few months since the "economic disruption" occurred. Since taking my second job, I actually took a pay cut, so I have been trying really hard to hold back on my purchases.

It's a losing battle, really, but maybe the running expenditures have cut down a bit?

I haven't bought any sport drink, gel, or any supplement in a while. Perhaps because I'm so busy, I get fewer runs in, but at the same time, when I do run, I don't use as much. In training for my upcoming marathon, I think I will only need one more gel (for a grand total of 2, which is the same amount I will bring to the race).

I have signed up for fewer races this year, although two of them require lodging.

I also have not needed to get running shoes (yet) or new clothing, as I've been perfectly fine in race-provided garments. All of this will probably need to be replaced, and with my luck, all at once.

Anyone else have anything to chime in?

Obviously, the money I spend on my running hobby is totally worth it. Pride is forever, as they say.


  1. As I ran two marathons in two weeks last year I figured I had got enough running in. To say the least I'm back on the damn horse again. And really the whole dog issue strikes a nerve with me. I agree with what you said. I live in the country and so for me I get wild dogs coming out of cornfields or old barns. Great. I can't keep running, so I'm left turning around. Heaven forbid the dog just let me continue onward, but NO this is their territory and they'll be damned if I get to pass.

  2. Well I do one of two things. I will either buy when the item I see/want is on sale or I just buy the thing that I like/want at full price. If you buy something you really like, you will tend to use it alot more regardless of prices. I have found that in the long run, it is better to buy something that fits right and that you like.

    Also, I have lots of hammer gels if you need some. I really like those accel gels now.