Monday, February 16, 2009

Win vs. Sport Wash

So nobel4lit reviewed Sport Wash detergent recently. A detergent to rid workout clothes of imbedded sweat and odor. I also use Sport Wash but yesterday I was at Sports Authority because they had a pretty good coupon in the Sunday paper and I needed some stuff.

I used Win today for the first time and the first thing I noticed about it was that it smells so much better during the wash cycle than the Sport Wash. I think it was a bit cheaper than the Sport Wash too. The Win detergent I got from Sport Chalet was $6.99. I know that Amazon and the Win website also sells this stuff but I hate ordering online and some people have also reported that the detergent can leak during shipment.

So my clothes came out of the dryer and they smelled so good. I like Win and will buy from now on.

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