Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sport Wash

I've gone through two bottles of this Sport Wash, which is readily available at Sport Chalet.

As many runners might know, it is hard to keep the smell of accumulated sweat and sunscreen out of your clothes over time, especially in technical fabrics.

I usually run in regular cotton t-shirts, but to freshen them up, I was using a capful of this stuff in warm water to wash my sports bra, shorts, and shirt for a while. The detergent smells a little bit like weak (lemony) dishwashing liquid.

Overall, this worked pretty well, though not significantly better than detergent enough to shell out $10 for approximately a liter or so. I think they sell an economy-sized bottle as well, but every time I go get some, there is only one left, and it looks beat up/leaky.

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