Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That Other Blog I Have...

Anyone who has nosed around my profile knows that I used to keep a blog called Vegetarian Slop (Vegeslop for short). Back in college, I had been cooking some really elaborate things like veggie burgers, hash browns, soups, and the like, until I found that my efforts were left unshared. Motivation plummeted, and thus, the food became slop... basically whatever would cook quickly and nutritionally.

Since then, I've embarked on many culinary expeditions, and I regret not taking more pictures of them. In the non-vegan category, I've made cookies (oatmeal), egg tarts, tiramisu, coconut bars, cheesecakes (blueberry and pumpkin), yogurt creations, homemade wheat pasta, pumpkin pie, macaroons, wraps, brownies, and numerous sweet breads and muffins (cherry, pumpkin, bran, apple, pecan).

And then in the vegan category, I've made focaccia and had a hand in vegan pizza, vegan pot pie, oatmeals, etc.

I think I will be revisiting this blog from time to time to update it, and using my cell phone more to take pictures of the stuff that I make. I am also fortunate enough to have someone who makes vegan/vegetarian food for me.

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  1. The slop is coming back...yay! I love looking at cooking pics.