Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm always trying to get my protein needs fulfilled. Bars are nice, but they melt and are boring after a while. Drinking protein is actually easier and probably more economical in the long-run. I tried straight-out soy protein, but due to the taste, I decided maybe I should try some soy/whey or pure whey formulas. However, my lactose intolerance has increased over the years, making this a poor option, which is too bad, since those are among the most inexpensive. (And luckily, I was able to pawn them off.)

Spiru-tein is a mix of soy/rice/pea protein that I found out about as I was on one of my signing-up-for-free-sample blitzes. I ended up with a free shaker cup and a sample of Cookies and Creme Spiru-tein... plus a coupon for future purchases of it. Given the fact that I don't drink milk, I go against the instructions and mix it with water instead. Yeah, that probably worsens the taste of everything, but what else could I do? It still comes out thick, maybe not as thick as it would have with milk, though.

Each serving, which is quite filling, contains between 100-130 calories and 14 g protein, depending on the flavor. Here are my reviews of sample-sized ones I have tried:

- Cappuicino: This tastes like weak coffee, though a bit disturbing since I've never had thick coffee before. Not too bad.

- Chai Latte: The taste is decent and likens itself to weak chai tea. The only disturbing thing is that it comes out light green.

- Cookies and Creme: This one tastes the best of the ones I've tried so far. The chocolate "bits" in there are not sweet, only reminiscent of chocolate, but overall, still pretty good.

- Cookie Dough: This one turned out so nasty that I gave up after a quarter of it. It did not taste like cookie dough at all... and I love the stuff.

- Strawberry Banana: I knew this might taste a bit medicinal, and I was right. Definitely more tolerable than the Cookie Dough, but I felt as though I was chugging down candy that I didn't like.

- Vanilla: [ update after I try this ]




  1. Oh, this is interesting. I've always been curious about these but sad to hear that they do not taste good. I like my current protein powder so I guess I will stick with that. Thanks for trying and sharing. :)


  2. I actually like Spiro tein, the vanilla flavored works well for me. I usually mix mine with juice or add to a smoothy.