Monday, August 30, 2010

Amphipod RunLite Belt (Updated)

This Amphipod Hydration Belt has been sitting in my closet, unused, for a while (a year?). I have been running on paths that go in loops, so hydration came from water hidden behind car tires or water fountains.

I used to run with mine regularly before I realized I could plan my routes better. But this gets boring after a while, and it is nice to be able to drink whenever the urge hits.

I always have to battle this obstacle when I'm stirring about the house in the morning:

Here's this unflattering from-behind shot of me heading out the door for my run. Excuse the strange surroundings. As you can see, I set the two bottles (6 oz) to lie horizontally in two plastic snap slots that go on each side of the belt. I mentioned in my previous entry that they can go vertical as well. A storage pouch lies in between them, which is perfect for carrying pepper spray.

Running with 12 oz of water sloshing around is not the best this, as the bottles actually slide around while running. The bouncing of this belt is not as bad as one could imagine, but there was still some of that happening. Mostly, the moving water bottles, which would slide from my back to front, was the ultimate annoying thing.

However, in the mid-70s morning heat, I was really glad to be able to pop these bottles off for a drink. I switched sides every other sip so that the weight would be evenly distributed. Over the course of the run, it definitely felt better to be running with less weight!

New Bottom Line: Ultimately, I think this belt would work great for walkers, but I think I need to get something else for my hydration needs. Anyone have any recommendations?


Original Post - 9/17/08:

So after having my water bottles stolen in the park while running loops, carrying a fanny pack, trying to reroute my runs to hit water fountains, foregoing water altogether, and even running into Starbucks for some water, I decided that I could benefit from a fuel belt and finally gave into one.

I got this Amphipod RunLite 2-flask belt from for around $38 (counting tax and shipping). I took it for a 15-miler this past weekend. Even though I know I was going to be running in a park with water fountains, it still takes 4 miles to get there and 4 miles back, and plus I needed some Accelerade if I was going to last.

The first couple of miles were terrible with this because I was trying to keep the bottles in the back, and they kept swinging around me like a hula-hoop. Soon, I realized that if I just kept them in front, they don't move around as much. I was surprised that I really didn't feel much additional weight carrying this, and the liquid did not bounce noticeably. I was grateful to have the hydration and the pouch that kept my mace and cell phone (will use for gels eventually). Oh, and did I mention that I did not chafe (2.5 hours of running can do that, but not with this belt!).

The flasks/bottles can be placed either vertically or horozontally, which is a nice bonus. I keep mine vertical because it seems more natural that way. I'm not sure if I will use this for any races besides marathons, but they have made my upcoming long runs seem slightly less daunting.

Bottom line: I would highly recommend this belt.



  1. You finally got it! I love mine as well. Although carrying more than 2bottles can make you feel heavier at first.


  2. This is not for everyone but I am a fan of the hand-held bottles from Nathan or any brand. It takes a bit to get use to, especially if you are not use to or do not like having something in your hands while running. The best thing about it is that there is no chafing because let's be honest, after 15+ miles of that thing around your waist that it will leave a mark. I used my 'round-the-waist one for a year before I was fed up with the chafing. I liked to wear it tight to lessen the bouncing but that has a price, which is chafing and even with glide, the marks were still there. So, now I use the hand-held ones. You need to build up the tolerance to carrying this thing, but I've used it to the point now that I carry it on my very long runs. Although there is really nothing like running a loop and knowing where your next water stop will be. :)

  3. I don't know if I could handle running with something like that around me. I think Camelbaks look like they would work really well, although I've never tried them.