Monday, July 14, 2008

Saucony Pro Grid Hurricane 10 -- mileage as of 4/29/10 = 940/500; 9/18/10 = 503.5/500 (pair 2)

About 7 months after getting new running shoes, my hurting legs were a (possible) indicator that it's time for new shoes. Some say that you can get about 500 miles out of running shoes, but I think I get about 400 (good ones) on average.

This newer Saucony shoe is a stability shoe that is significantly lighter than the previous models. I feel fortunate to have had a choice of colors - silver/burgandy (pictured, as it's the one I chose) and silver/blue (to differentiate from my other shoes).

In case you're curious, I got it at Running Expo, which offers free shipping. I probably saved myself about $10 getting it online.

As for what I should do with my half-worn running shoes, I have decided to bring one to work as my "I forgot my shoes pair," and I will probably have to start doing other things to conserve space around my cramped quarters.

These shoes are definitely light and cushiony. Saucony improved upon the previous Hurriance models by cutting away some of the bottom material to make it lighter. I only wonder if the cushioning will disappear quickly given the weight. Also, I had some weird rubbing on the back of my ankle, but I'm sure that will callus up and improve soon.

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