Friday, April 18, 2008

Z Glove

Not long ago I was walking around the expo the day before the Surf City Marathon and came
upon a booth that was selling these "Z Glove", I know, so catchy right? Anyways, I talked to the
people manning the booth and tried it on and took some pamphlets but did not buy them.

When I got home, and especially the next morning in the torrid rain that has now made the Surf
City Marathon that day be renamed to Soak City. I really wish I would've had these puppies that morning. It was so cold! Anyways, some months later while I was walking around the LA
expo, I saw the booth again and this time around I purchased a pair. I dunno, maybe
it was impulse, maybe it was nerves about the marathon, who knows. Also, who knows why I
purchased it in hot pink, but I did. And I have since wore this pair of Z Glove(s) a couple of
times. They are really nice. As the guy at the booth corrected me, they are not arm warmers.

They are compression wear. Something to do with bloodflow to the arm and other such
interesting things. Here is their website, I'm sure they will explain it much better than me. They also come in lots of different colors. I mean, not a
ton, but enough to match all your outfits. Here is a photo of me and my hot pink Z Gloves doing
some serious lifting, NOT!

I think the great thing about these gloves is that they stay up and do not move unless you move
them. And each glove has a thumb hole, so you can wear it hooked onto your thumbs for arm
and hand coverage or tucked under for just arm coverage. I will most likely buy another pair if I
see them at another expo. This time, maybe in black or white. My favorite colors..hehe.


  1. Hey...thanks for dropping by my blog. I think your's is pretty cool too, especially all the great product reviews.

  2. HI there
    I haven't heard from you in so long. Glad to hear that you ran surf city still. I did too. It was sooooo crazy.