Friday, April 18, 2008

Bullfrog Marathon Mist

Another Christmas gift I received was this SPF 36 spray sunscreen from Bullfrog. This was my first spray sunscreen, so it took a while to get used to the "cold" feeling that occurs from the spraying, especially on a cold morning. But I think it has helped me protect myself better because I'm more willing to put it on before long runs and races because my hands stay relatively clean and greaseless.

It is definitely a good idea to make sure that the spraying covers everything since you're not rubbing everywhere yourself. The California sun can be relentless, so if you miss a spot, you're a goner. Fortunately, the sunscreen leaves a clear layer that disappears after a while but is good for checking the coverage. I don't use this on my face, but I've used it on my scalp, which has prevented sunburn up there.

The smell is pretty fresh, a little better than most sunscreens, though I really don't like the smell of sunscreens in general.

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