Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adidas Clima-Lite Shirt and Shorts

This past Christmas, I received a V-neck T-shirt and a pair of black shorts with blue stripes on it. I think people were trying to tell me something (i.e., "Stop running in men's boxers!!").

Both of these products are from Adidas, made with Clima-Lite material that wicks moisture from the skin. I have worn the shirt once so far and realized I need to wear a better sports bra underneath (I took care of that later) due to a problem I won't mention but I'm sure most would know about.

The pictures are not exactly what I have... the blue is slightly less "bright" than that, and my shorts have 3 blue stripes on the side, not black like in this one.

I really love the shorts. They are some of my shorter ones, but they make me look athletic, which is always a joy. =) They are very secure and are comfortable. And the different length may help with my shorts tan, although exposing that extra inch or so of my gigantic thigh takes some guts. Of course, I'm sure most people wear much shorter things, but you should really see what I typically like to run in -- race T-shirts and shorts that approach my knees. Yeah, I'm super cool...

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