Monday, March 17, 2008

SAI D-Chip Timing

This year's LA Marathon featured a new chip timing system. This one is a computerized strip attached to your bib, and you peel it off to thread it onto your shoelaces. It ends up looking like a "D" shape, hence the name. Genius me didn't stick it on correctly the first time, but the adhesive was good enough to hold on for the race even after I unpeeled it for adjustment (backed up by a piece of tape, which I don't think was necessary).

I like this system because results were SO instant, since they didn't have to collect the chips at the end. Results were instantaneously available, so they were able to text-message your splits to whomever subscribed. Best of all, no lifting my dead legs after the race for chip removal (and I'm sure the volunteers were happy about that). It made the finish line much less crowded, so firefighters were able to high-five us instead!

These are definitely more secure than the chips. I have to use two of those ties to get those chips to stop feeling so wobbly. Once, I even had to use safety pins to reinforce it. I don't know if this D-chip thing will be catching on, but they certainly get my vote.

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  1. I am doing a half marathon up here near Seattle on Mother's day

    then I am doing the Portland, OR full in October. I am actually a begninng triathlete that has caught the running bug! I am on a team called it is just a local team of people who get together to train for triathlon. A subset of us in the group are called the 'raise the hope' and that group of woman is all looking at healthier lifestyles. A recent unexpected death of a friend, threw me for a loop and we had always talked about running a full marathon and so I will run in her honor in October. There you go, probably more info than you wanted! But I do enjoy reading your reports! Best wishes this season - decide to travel to Portland, OR and I would love to meet you! Em