Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have noticed that ever since I took the plunge and became a "runner," I've been popping so many more pills than before.

One of these pills is L-glutamine, which is a naturally-occuring amino acid in the body that is sapped after something grueling like extended periods of heavy weight-lifting or... running.

Tea Time convinced us to take two of these after some of the longer long runs during my marathon training. The first time was after an 18-miler. The next day, I walked around Downtown LA during lunchtime without the normal amount of stiffness and soreness. I was convinced.

So my pill-popping routine after the marathon was 2 after the race, 2 before bed, 2 the next morning, and 2 the next evening. By the day after "the day after," my body had almost forgotten that it had just endured a marathon! I am so impressed by the recovery so far.

Even the huge chafing that I got has basically scabbed and fallen off by now, though I don't think the pills are to credit for that.

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