Friday, March 14, 2008

Evidence of Declaration

The above is a screenshot from my old online journal. It's funny how far I've come.

March 20, 2008 (next Thursday) is my two-year "anniversary" of formal distance training. I'm hoping my total (estimated) mileage will hit 1500 by then, which would average to 750 a year. That's not high, but at the same time, I took quite a few lengthy breaks/slow periods during these past few years.


  1. 2 years, that's awesome! I'm so glad that you like running long and decided to stick with it because it would be lonely without you. You have come a long way from starting out at 3 miles to running so much more now. Happy 2 Years of Distance Running Anniversary! I'll buy you a Jamba protein shake...hahaha!

  2. I ran across your blog (ha pardon the pun!) I am new to running and have my sights set on a 1/2 in May (I ran one slowly a Nov 06' Seattle) and a full in Portland this Oct. Feeling much better for this 1/2 in May...

    Wanted to say I enjoy your blog.