Thursday, March 6, 2008

BBR - Bench, Bike and Run

EVENT: BBR - Bench, Bike, Run
DATE: Friday, March 7, 2008
START TIME: 12:30 pm

I think Nobel4Lit covers almost all the races that we do together so this will be my first race post since she is not doing this race. Mainly because this is a work place event and we work at different places. Well, this event is not really an official race but something that people at my company put together each year for fun. It is not company sponsor, just a friendly little race among coworkers. This is the third year this event has been going on at my work. Normally held during the month of March.

The rules are that all male competitors can bench their body weight, 30 secs head start time for each rep. completed for the bike and run portion. No limit on how many reps you can bench for the men. For the first time, this event has a female category. In the past, all females had an automatic head start. I can't remember how much. This year all female competitors must bench to gain head start time. Ten reps of 50 lbs for 5 minutes, 75 lbs for 7.5 minutes and 100 lbs for 10 minutes, and so on. Incomplete sets of 10 result in no time earned. I've been practicing but can only do about 50 lbs at the moment. Seeing that the race is tomorrow, I don't think that I will increase so I will just have to make it up on the run portion. Bike portion is 10 miles and run is 3 miles. I will post some photos of the event next week if they come out good. :D

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