Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Larabars - Expanded Review

Nobel4Lit: On 2/5/08, Tea Time posted the following entry. Because I am growing to like these bars even more, I made some updates in green and will continue to add to this as I eat more of them. I am very surprised that I am diggin' these bars, because typically I don't like soft food.


I know these bars have been around for awhile but I just recently noticed them showing up at every pre-run expo. Larabar has been out representin' at almost every run expo I've been at. They are always really generous with their samples. I mean to a point. They allow you to pick two samples each time you come around, so depending on how many times you want to walk back and forth to the booths..haha, just kidding.

So I think there are 12 Larabar flavors
  • Pistachio: Tea Time's favorite
  • Key Lime Pie: not as bad as I imagined; the one I had was chock full of almonds!
  • Apple Pie: pretty good; tastes like a worse-for-you apple pie
  • Cherry Pie: no medicinal cherry taste that is usual of cherry-flavored things =)
  • Ginger Snap: my new favorite; subtle gingerbread cookie flavor
  • Lemon Bar: I don't like lemon-flavored things, but this was actually quite good
  • Banana Cookie: not too sweet; the nuts make it like banana nut bread
  • Cashew Cookie: nutty, and textured a little rough so you know it's ground-up nuts
  • Pecan Pie: obviously not exactly like a pecan pie, but tastes indulgent and nutty
  • Cinnamon Roll: a tad sweeter than the others but still very delicious
  • Cocoa Mole: I was disgusted when it suddenly became spicy
  • Chocolate Coconut: not bad; could stand to be a little more chocolately
I think they recently added a coffee flavor one but I am not sure. What's special with these bars is that they are unprocessed and raw; for those who like raw, hehe. Their claim to fame is that they are energy bars at its purest form. It is basically made of dried fruit and nuts "mooshed" together. They have no added sugar and other stuff some people may find undesirable, but you can read all about that at their website.

I am writing this review because at first I was kinda grossed out by these. The sample packages I got were really cute and they looked ok but at first bite, it just tasted strange to me. I guess I am one of those people who are afraid of the taste of "pure"...haha. Anyways, as I said before I've been seeing them at lots of run expos and everytime I walk by their booth, I can't help but take some samples. Lo and behold, I actually fell in love with one of the flavors. I love the Pistachio one. It is one of my favorite things to eat. It's moist, nutty and not too sweet. Can't believe that I actually like this stuff now. Go figure!


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  1. Hi. I help run the LARABAR Blog, and want to thank you for your post. Definitely pleased you found a bar you really like with Pistachio. Please email me at so we can send you goodies