Monday, February 11, 2008

Carbo Load Pasta Recipe

This is also one of those overdue post that I was meaning to write but decided to run instead or watch TV, I forget..haha. I was watching the food network one day a few years back and despite the fact that I almost never cook, this receipe was so easy and tasty looking that I decided to give it a go. I've since made this pasta many times over and have even made it for pre-race day dinners. It is really lite and fresh and I almost end up eating more than I need. :) Serve this up with some fresh grated Parmesan cheese, some warm bread with some butter smother on it and you are good to go on the big day. The link below is the original recipe and I mostly make it that way. Sometimes I even throw in a can or two of chopped clams. I'm sure everyone has their own pre-race pasta dish, but if you don't, here is a good one. You can essentially look at the ingredients list to judge if you will like the flavor. Looks something like this (I found this picture on the web of someone who actually made this dish, although the one I make looks just like that).



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  1. nice recipes thought it was a little simple could of added somthing else