Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

I had a chance to see this with my friend, sister, and company. The movie follows the stories of a few La Salle Chicago Marathon 2005 runners, ranging from Kenyan to Deena Kastor to an old man. Also featured were famous running people such as Hal Higdon and Paula Radcliffe.

There was a lot of subtle running humor in this movie. For instance, the old man said that the only time he has a runner's high is when he stops (I concur!). I was amazed by this couple that eventually both ran Boston together. I hate to be vague, but my other sister has not seen this movie and should catch the February 21, 7:30 pm encore. Yes, this movie was originally one night, one time only.

Watching the more emotional parts of the movie brings me back to my first marathon last year, my third race ever, and how I nearly lost it at mile 22-23... I don't mean physically either. I think I was too tired to hold back both frustration with my cramping legs, the kindness of a fellow runner who stopped to spray my legs and encouraged me to go on, and the disbelief that, yeah, it was almost over. Okay, enough sentimentality. I am ready to complete my training and have a good time on March 2!!




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  2. I started crying in the end. It was so emotional! I was really on edge watching Daniel and Deena sprint for the finish. So amazing. Thanks for being there to share this with me!

    BTW, I heard that there were deleted scenes in the end. I guess that means we'll have to watch it again ;P