Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clif Builder's Bars - Updated

Added: Pictures of the newest flavor, lemon (see bottom of post)


Original Post Date: December 2, 2007

My Jamba Juice days have pretty much ended. I used to drink the Protein Berry Workout (they dropped the "Nike" part now) drink for dinner when I had class in the evening, but that was starting to become an expensive habit.

So then I converted to Clif Builder's bars (price can range from $1.29 - $1.79/ea; a box of 12 at Whole Foods is about $15, which is about the same as buying 12 at unit price). They also are high in protein, vegan, and are much cheaper and portable. Over the weeks, I have been able to try all of the flavors, each containing 20g protein and 270 cal. Yes, the yogurt I reviewed recently is a better protein/calorie ratio, but again, this is cheaper and more portable, not to mention fortified with other vitamins/minerals.

They are all pretty much the same consistency. The bottom part is a little crispy with the top being a little chewy/gooey. They are really quite filling, especially if you drink water and pair it with a fruit. These are WAY better tasting than whey-based bars, as this is all-natural and won't leave you with the aftertaste of normal protein bars.

  • Chocolate: The basic flavor.
  • Chocolate Mint: Not my favorite, but a little less boring than the chocolate.
  • Cookies and Creme: My favorite. Sweet but not too sweet, a little chocolatey with a vanilla flavor. I got a box of these.
  • Lemon: I am not a big fan of lemon-flavored confections/bars, but this was subtle. If you don't like chocolate taste in a protein bar, go for this one...
  • Peanut Butter: Also good; probably my second favorite. Goes well because of the gooey part at the top.
  • Vanilla Almond: This was my least favorite. I don't know why something that sounded so good went so badly. Plus, I think it made my throat itch. I think it's the almond flavor; I'm not a big fan of almond-flavored things.

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