Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fage Me

So I made a run to Whole Foods recently, since I had an hour to burn. I spent WAY too much money there (you'll find out on what in a future entry), and one of the things that contributed to that was this yogurt.

I've heard so many things about Fage (pronounced: fah-YEH) and finally decided to give into the hype. For $1.89, I was thinking, "It better be good!"

I got this 2% kind, because the 0% next to it weighed less, ha ha. The 0% has 80 cal and 13 g protein, and the 2% has 130 cal and 17 g protein (the "whole" has 200 cal and 20+ g protein). But yeah, after a 6-mile run, I didn't want to settle for the weenie one, especially if I was paying $1.89 for it.

Okay, enough gripes, I guess. So I cracked open this baby in my car and tried to poke at it, only to find it is covered by parchment paper. After getting through that weirdness, I tasted what was the creamiest yogurt ever. I sometimes get a carton of plain low/non-fat yogurt, but this was just, as my classmate says, "bomb." It is everything I like in plain yogurt and a very good protein source.

Yes, I am on a protein trip lately. I find that eating more of it helps me heal up better after runs. Stay tuned for more protein-rich food reviews.

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  1. Oh yeah, I love those too. They are greek style which just means that they are thicker in consistency. I think if you put regular grocery store yogurt through cheese cloth that you would get a similar texture yogurt. I've found these at Trader Joe's as well, maybe if you like these they would be a little bit cheaper there. You probably get more band for your buck if you buy the bigger container. This stuff is AMAZING with a little bit of honey drizzle on it. Well, I'm sure you can guess that it is also good with fruit and really yummy when you use it to make dip. Cottage cheese is also has alot of protein in it and tastes pretty good with a little bit of jam mixed in.