Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fage Me

So I made a run to Whole Foods recently, since I had an hour to burn. I spent WAY too much money there (you'll find out on what in a future entry), and one of the things that contributed to that was this yogurt.

I've heard so many things about Fage (pronounced: fah-YEH) and finally decided to give into the hype. For $1.89, I was thinking, "It better be good!"

I got this 2% kind, because the 0% next to it weighed less, ha ha. The 0% has 80 cal and 13 g protein, and the 2% has 130 cal and 17 g protein (the "whole" has 200 cal and 20+ g protein). But yeah, after a 6-mile run, I didn't want to settle for the weenie one, especially if I was paying $1.89 for it.

Okay, enough gripes, I guess. So I cracked open this baby in my car and tried to poke at it, only to find it is covered by parchment paper. After getting through that weirdness, I tasted what was the creamiest yogurt ever. I sometimes get a carton of plain low/non-fat yogurt, but this was just, as my classmate says, "bomb." It is everything I like in plain yogurt and a very good protein source.

Yes, I am on a protein trip lately. I find that eating more of it helps me heal up better after runs. Stay tuned for more protein-rich food reviews.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Review: Zipfizz

Guest review of Zipfizz: I was at Costco recently and there was a sample table hawking this Zipfizz stuff. Zipfizz is a healthy alternative to sports drinks and coffee to give you energy for whatever you may need energy for. This guy made this stuff sound so wonderful that I bought a box. Yeah, I am easily sold and am always on the look out for anything that will help me better my running abilities. So this guy was saying that this powder in a tube that you mix with a bottle of water has 30% more electrolytes than Gatorade and has all these vitamins and this and that. He made Julie and I a bottle each and we sampled it in the store. Julie drank her really quickly and got a "caffeine buzz" from it. It has 100mgs of caffeine, which is about 1/4 the caffeine in a tall Starbucks coffee, just to give you some comparison. Not much if you think about it. I really like the stuff and am glad I purchased it. I mix a bottle up everyday and take it with me to my noontime run or workout and it really helps me power through it. Below is a link to the Zipfizz site for more info on the product. I think they may also sell these at vitamin shops and health food stores maybe.

Also, zipfizz will enter you to win a free months supply of zipfizz if you fill out a brief survey.



Monday, November 19, 2007

Half-Marathon Triple Crown!

Three races. One special medal. One friend who talked me into it. One heck of a challenge.

Carlsbad - January 20, 2008
La Jolla - April 27, 2008
America's Finest City - August 17, 2008

I guess this means my race plans for next year are changing. And the traveling will be nice.

OC Half-Marathon: January 6, 2008
Carlsbad Half-Marathon: January 20, 2008
LA Marathon: March 2, 2008
La Jolla Half-Marathon: April 27, 2008
(deleted) Palos Verdes Half-Marathon: May 2008
America's Finest City Half-Marathon: August 17, 2008
(not sure anymore) Pasadena Marathon: fall 2008



Friday, November 9, 2007

Being in the Zone

Since Julie has been so busy lately, I thought I would fill in with some reviews and such. I remember when I first started working out, I use to love eating those protein bars and just about any food in bar form. I was really into Power bars and Clif Bars. I still like these but they can have a strange taste to them. Eventually, I just stopped eating bars. Don't remember why but recently I started looking into them again. Well, I guess it also has to do with the fact that I've been running more in training for the LA Marathon. It's weird but the more exercise I do, the less appetite I have. But knowing how important it is to eat when training, I've been trying to find bars that are easy to eat and digest and will give me enough energy to run. I was at Costco one day and bought a big box of Zone Perfect bars. I didn't know what to expect from them since I had not had them before but the bars have 14g of protein, 7g of fat and 210 calories. Let me just say that they are also really good. I mean, I could eat these all the time, but I won't. I am only going to eat these in desperate situations when I don't feel like eating real food. Since I started running again, I have also started a weight training program and watching what I eat. I hope in time, I will look like this....

Ok, maybe not this good, but maybe losing some fat around my mid-section. Wish me luck! Perhaps I will update on whether the strength training is working or not. Stay tuned! Have a wonderful weekend. Long run here I come.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What's a Peroneal Tendon?

I haven't been updating as much as I should, so I just thought I'd talk about the first 2-3-ish weeks of marathon training. Mainly, I am going to rant a bit. While everything started off well, I was hit with a familiar pain in mile 4 of 5 a few days ago. I had to finish the run because I was away from my starting point, and since it was hurting more to walk than run, I went on.

Fast forward to a few hours later. The pain was along the right side of my foot, the exact opposite of the left side foot pain I had last year after running 20 miles. I guess I was tackling too many hills too strongly. I limped over to CVS and got some athletic tape/bandage so the Icy Hot patch I tacked on the area would stay.

So I spent two days in this wrap, the second day in a boot, which actually helped a lot. Strangely, even wearing these heeled peep-toe shoes feels better than wearing sandals at this point.

I slapped the running shoes on again today and ran three miles. I think I was feeling worse from undigested food than the foot issue. It felt worse to walk afterward. Assuming I can continue on like this, I will just have to be careful over the next week or so while this heals (that's how long it took last time, and I had also run on it back then).

Since this keeps plaguing me, I self-diagnosed on Google and found that the peroneal tendon (longus) was the probable culprit. There are two tendons connected to the ankle, one running along the inner side of the foot and the other on the outer side. These tendons can tear or inflame, in a case called peroneal tendonitis. The worst outcome is surgery, though that's the worst outcome of everything, I guess. I don't think I need to worry, but I've been eating as much protein as I can to promote healing.

Way to get myself injured less than 1/6 into the program. Go me!