Friday, October 26, 2007

Let the Training Begin

Monday marks the official first day of the 18-week marathon training program a-la Hal Higdon. I'm doing the Novice 2 program because I want to improve my time but don't have the number of days to train that are called for in the Intermediate. I am probably going to make some modifications to the program. For instance, once in a while, I like to do repeats, so they may take the place of some short/moderate runs. Also, the long runs are going to flip-flop around due to my horrendous schedule. I am starting the training off with an 8-miler on Monday either at 6 am or 5:30 pm depending on how things go, though I am opting for the earlier time in the event that I get worn out going hundreds of miles on an off-site.

I always like to have one week without a long run scheduled in the event that I get sick, too busy, etc. It's a safety cushion, of sorts. So I guess in a way, my training has already begun, though I'm still feeling a bit worn from the half that was almost two weeks ago (though it might be my schedule that is tiring me rather than the running itself... who knows).

Top 3 Hurdles:
    • sleep: You need more of it while training... crud.

    • hunger: I recall eating a LOT last year while training, and my erratic eating schedule as of late might not cut it. I should probably reintroduce oatmeal into my breakfasts/lunches, and along with my Jamba Juice addiction (w/Immunity boosts), I should survive.

    • schedule: I already mentioned this. Oh, and although this is unrelated, one of my toenails is already having major trouble. =/
Top 3 Life-Savers:
    • Jamba Juice: I mentioned this.

    • winter break: Yes, I get a month off of school during some of the toughest weeks (not the peak, though, unfortunately), which will help (although I have two vacations scheduled in there, possibly a third). I will make the most of it!

    • others: Swapping running experiences is always fun.

Good luck to everyone who will be (kinda) training along with me. The stripe-earning part of marathoning takes place BEFORE you get to the start line. It is not having the guts to run a marathon that is admirable; it's the dedication brought forth during the 18+ weeks prior that distinguishes "marathoners" from other runners and 99% of the rest of the world.




  1. good luck julie!!!!!!! you can do it! :D

  2. And a-way we go... :) I cannot believe that the first long run is 8 miles...shessh. Going to the Rosemead track this coming weekend. It is actually one of my free weekends with no activities.