Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Guest Post: October, Flu Shot, Colds and the start of training for the LA Marathon

October is here and that means that the weather will be getting colder and perhaps wetter. It is also that time of year to get your flu shots. I just started to get them last year because I was afraid the flu would hit me hard and take me down and out of training. Some people say that getting the flu shot causes you to have the flu which in my experience is not true. I felt perfectly fine after I got the shot so this year I will be getting it again, that is unless they have a shortage again, in which case I will not get it so that those who need it more can. I personally think it is a good idea since to get sick right before the big race is just unfortunate.

Also, as the weather gets colder I start to be more mindful of germs and getting sick which is why Vitamin C and Airborne are my friends during this time. I take Airborne in the tablet form. I just drop a tablet into a bottle of water and shake it up and drink it. I can't say that it is delicious because it isn't. It isn't bad just not great. Kind of taste like mediciny lemon-lime soda. Yes, it has somewhat of a fizz to it. I can say that it is better than Thera-Flu tea. I cannot say enough about prevention during cold and flu season. If you go to a public gym often then you will know that lots of other people also use those machine and sometimes even when they are sick. Go figure! So never rub your eyes or put your hands in your mouth after you have touch anything at the gym. I've gotten sick lots of time from using the gym. If you run outside, you lessen the chance of contact with as much germs but keep warm if it is cold out there. Germs are also on door handles and high contact areas so please wash your hands after contact and use antibacterial hand gels. I normally have fears of germs but during cold season I am extra careful. Although if you have a very strong immune system then none of this matters. I have a friend who I will call Pigpen who tells me that he never gets sick even though he touches lots of yucky places and rarely washes his hands and then eats. If you are not like that than it is better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, if you are planning to run the LA Marathon in '08 or any race in the spring, then this is the month to start training for it. I say this only because this is the month I will start logging lots of miles again. Good luck to everyone to get those runs in, it is especially tough for me with the upcoming holidays and such but the So. Cal weather is great for running during the Autumn/Winter season. So go out there and run!

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  1. Funny you mention this... I'm getting my shot on Monday. And yeah, people in class are getting sick, which freaks me out, but I think my immunity is still intact. Once marathon training starts, I'm going to be extra careful (more Coldbuster Jamba for me??)...