Monday, September 10, 2007


If your thighs are burning, and you haven't been running, you must be doing a squat (come on, laugh at my attempt at a joke).

As part of my regimen, I attend a circuit-type class called FitMoves once a week in which we often have to do many (many) squats.

Upon telling this to my friend, she asked, "But don't squats make your legs big?"

"I don't know," I said, keeping a mental note to ask the people who are telling me to do them whether that is true. I still did them anyway, thinking that my thighs are so huge that they really can't get any bigger unless I suddenly ate a truckful of muffins or started on a steroid cocktail.

But before I had a chance to ask such an embarrassing question, I stumbled upon this really cool site. It is called Stumptuous and is basically a guide for women to weight train. Among its many useful pages is one regarding myths about squats and how to do them properly.

The take-home message I got from the squat page was this: I should keep doing them! Endurance athletes tend to have more trouble with squats, but they can also help with endurance. Plus, I will take the bonus of improving my balance.

The site had another page on how to work up to pull-ups. I have been working on this and am glad to know I'm doing it correctly. It won't be long now...


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